New Police Camera Catches Dramatic Fire Rescue

A truck goes up in flames and the drama is captured on camera. INSIDE EDITION speaks with the three hero cops who were on the scene.

A pickup truck burst into flame as cops struggled to free the driver, but he was trapped in the roaring flames and the dense smoke. So, the officers made a desperate move and the whole drama is caught on camera.

The three hero cops from Euclid, Ohio got the call about a crashed truck around 11 am.

Caller: "Oh, the truck is on fire. Oh god, I think it's gonna blow up. I think he's dead."

The truck was ablaze when the cops got there, sirens screaming. One officer blasted the flames with his fire extinguisher.

Looking back on scene, the officer said, "It knocked the flames back for a few seconds but they came right back.

The driver couldn't get out. Imagine trying to breathe in all this smoke. That's when another officer smashed the rear window to try to let the smoke out while his buddy grabbed the trapped driver.

 "The flames were pretty much at his feet at this point. I pulled out my knife and cut away at his seatbelt."

Then, the officers hustled to get him away from the truck before it blew up.

One of the officers said, "As soon as we got the male to safety, the whole truck engulfed in flames.

The driver was treated for smoke inhalation. He was later charged with reckless driving and DUI. So, just who was shooting that dramatic video? Well, one of the officers was wearing a new type of mini-camera that clips onto glasses or a shirt collar.

The officer  explained, "You're probably looking at the future of police work, right here. It's just a really cool system."

Another technological tool for cops on the front lines.