Meet a 73-Year-Old Female Bodybuilder

A 73-year-old bodybuilder has become an inspiration to women across the nation. INSIDE EDITION talks to Ernestine Shepherd about her workout routine and motivation.

This is no ordinary granny. She's got a body to die for! One look at her ripped abs and bulging biceps, it's hard to believe Ernestine Shepherd is 73-years old! A giant in the world of competitive bodybuilding.

Her workouts are grueling. She can bench press more than 150 pounds. So what's Shepherd's secret to looking great at 73?

"I do a lot of running and that makes me feel good. And then it also, if I can say, makes me look good too," Shepherd said as she laughed.

INSIDE EDITION went backstage with Shepherd during a bodybuilding competition in Washington, D.C. She was right at home with the other contestants, some half her age!

Christina Makosy, a bodybuilder in her 40's said, "She is very inspirational."

Shepherd gets dolled up, spray tanned and toned up before walking on stage in a bikini, where she's always a crowd favorite!

Shepherd took home two trophys, exclaiming, "This is so thrilling!"