Rutger's Coach Mike Rice Fired After Abusive Video

Rutger's University fired basketball coach Mike Rice after video surfaced of him abusing his players verbally, physically and shouting homophobig slurs. INSIDE EDITION reports.

He's the basketball coach whose disgraceful abuse of his players, both physical and verbal, got him fired today.

Mike Rice said, "I can't say anything now except I'm sorry. There's no excuse for it. I was wrong."
Mike Rice seemed humble and contrite in the wake of his dismissal from Rutgers University, but the jaw-dropping video of his practice sessions has everyone in a state of shock.

He's seen hurliing balls at his players, grabbing them, kicking them and shouting homophobic slurs such as, "You (blank)ing fairy. You're a (blank)ing (blank!)"

Rice laments the impact his revolting behavior is having on his family.

"My family, who are sitting in their house just huddled around because of the fact their father was an embarrassment to them," admits Rice.

The video was leaked to ESPN and immediately went viral.

Incredibly, the university was aware of this shocking video four months ago, but instead of firing Rice, he was slapped with a $75,000 fine and suspended for three games. But the release of the videos made it impossible for the coach to keep his job.

At Rutgers University in New Jersey, the mood is somber in the wake of coach Rice's firing and much of the student body is in a state of disbelief.

One student told INSIDE EDITION'S Les Trent, "It's horrible that he was not only using slurs, but he was physically abusing members of the team. Something isn't right."

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie praised the coach's dismissal, saying, "It was the right and necessary action to take in light of the conduct displayed on the videotape."

Mike Rice has always been a volatile coach. During one game three years ago, he tore off his jacket off in frustration.

But that's nothing compared to his antics in the just-released video.

LeBron James, considered the best basketball player in the world, tweeted: "If my son played for Rutgers or a coach like that, he would have some real explaining to do."

The overwhelming consensus seems to be: good riddance to this coach.