American Tourists Venture to North Korea

As headlines blare potential threats from North Korea, some Americans are making the nation their vacation destination. INSIDE EDITION reports.

One vacation video looks as though it can be from almost any city in the world, but believe it or not, the scenes were shot by American tourists in, of all places, North Korea.

The hermit nation's leader is bringing America to the brink of nuclear war.

Andrea Lee organizes North Korean vacations for Americans.

They also helped arrange that bizarre trip by basketball wild man Dennis Rodman last month.

INSIDE EDITION had one pressing question.

INSIDE EDITION’s Diane McInerney asked, "Why would anyone want a vacation in North Korea right now?

Lee replied, “People want to see what the county is about. They're drawn to the mystery of it. Nobody knows anything about North Korea so they want to be the first ones there.”

A home video showed a razzmatazz-filled cheerleading competition, even a skateboard park.

In a video, some westerners had a U.S.-style dance night at their hotel in the capital, Pyongyang.

Of course, all the American tourists are strictly chaperoned. They never get to see the mass starvation and grinding poverty that plague North Korea.

A satellite photo shows North Korea, dark from lack of electricity, while prosperous South Korea is ablaze with light.

McInerney asked, “Why are they closely chaperoned?”

Lee replied, “They say it’s for the safety of the tourists. Also, they're very knowledgeable about the country.”

The crisis with North Korea is ratcheting up each day.

The Today show said, “Reports that two missiles have now been loaded onto mount-mobile launchers.”

But not everyone is taking North Korea's threats seriously.

The Daily Show's Jon Stewart ridiculed a photo showing North Korean premier Kim Jong Un and his generals at an antiquated missile launch computer.

Stewart said, "That computer looks like a harpsichord with a panic button."

Laughter, in the face of a lunatic.