Man In Cookie Monster Costume Charged With Endangering Welfare Of Child

A man dressed in a Cookie Monster costume allegedly pushed a little boy and shouted obscenities at his mother when she didn't tip him for posing for a photo. INSIDE EDITION speaks to the mother about the incident.

He's beloved by generations of American kids—Cookie Monster, the shaggy blue character featured on Sesame Street.

But now, Cookie Monster is accused of acting like a monster for real.

A Connecticut mom, Parmita Kurada, says a guy in a Cookie Monster costume shoved her two-year-old son Samay and swore at her. The reason? She didn't tip Cookie Monster after he posed for photos in New York's Times Square.

Kurada told INSIDE EDITION, "He just started cursing at me, at my kids, really foul language. Language that I cannot even use on camera."

The guy under the Cookie Monster costume is Osvaldo Quiroz-Lopez. He was charged with endangering the welfare of a child and reckless endangerment.

Times Square has become a haven for costumed characters posing for pictures with tourists. Most are friendly and easygoing. But cops say an increasing number of them are pushy scam artists who get belligerent if they don't get tips.

Last year, another character in a Sesame Street costume, this time Elmo, was busted for disorderly conduct for yelling anti-semitic slurs in Times Square. Now, Cookie Monster's in trouble.