Charlie Sheen Reveals Details of Working With Lindsay Lohan

Hollywood's most notorious wild child stars team up for an episode of Anger Management, and Charlie Sheen says working with Lindsay Lohan wasn't always smooth sailing. INSIDE EDITION has the scoop.

Charlie Sheen revealed to Jay Leno that working with Lindsay Lohan on his TV show Anger Management was no picnic.

Leno asked, "Was she late quite a bit?"

"Not on day one," replied Sheen. "Then we had to deal with day two. It was as though she had us held hostage because she gave us half the show."

Sheen continued, "She has an earache," he said, making quotation marks with his hands. "She was a little bit late. She was a couple of hours late."

Lohan plays herself on Thursday night's episode of the FX cable show.

Leno asked about reports that Lohan helped herself to various items from the set, including gold earrings, a bracelet and a necklace. Turns out, those reports were all true.

"She borrowed stuff and was told that she'd have to pay for it and they would take it out of her paycheck and she said 'fine,' " explained Sheen.

Lohan, meanwhile, headed back to Los Angeles after her tearful appearance on David Letterman's show. She was wearing a broad-brimmed hat as she hurried for her plane at JFK airport in New York.

Lohan lined up at the security checkpoint. She went through the usual routine, putting her carry-on bags in a bin, the hat removed, the boots off. But, as Lohan went through the body scanner she set off the alarm.

Lohan was pulled to the side and given a manual search by a TSA agent. After she was frisked, Lohan was allowed to board her flight home.