Lives Changed in One Lucky Moment

Fortune, glory, surviving the odds. INSIDE EDITION takes a look at some of the luckiest people in the country.

Maria Carreiro just might be the happiest lottery winner of all time. Carreiro was singing and dancing for joy after she thought she won $40,000.

But when she went to the store in Toronto, Canada to claim her prize, she realized she actually had won $40 million.
She said, “Thank you thank you lord! I love you. I am going to Hawaii!”

Another lady also has a very good reason to smile. She just survived walked away from this car wreck without a scratch.

She was driving behind a truck in Miami when it hit an overpass and dumped a huge hunk of metal right on her car. At the last second she slid over to the passenger side, escaping certain death by a hair.

The aftermath showed the driver’s side is completely crushed.

And if you think she's lucky, another guy cheated death by a whisker too.

He was stocking shelves at a grocery store in Philadelphia when a gun battle broke out outside.

Everyone ducked for cover as bullets came flying into the store and a pound cake actually bonks the guy on the head. When the gunfire ended he checked to see if he's been hit, and found something remarkable, there was a bullet lodged in his belt buckle.

That buckle saved his life.

And at a store in Chicago a crazed robber opened fire and held a customer hostage while his accomplice raided the cash register.

But the owner was not going down without a fight. He grabbed a baseball bat to fight off the criminals.

The burglar fired again and again, nine times in total, but the store owner, kept swinging the bat, hitting the burglar over and over. Remarkably, the store owner was hit just once in the leg.
He joins the ranks of the luckiest people in the world.