Eight-Year-Old Boy Among Victims in Boston Bomb Attacks

INSIDE EDITION is learning more about some of the victims of the Boston Marathon massacre,including little Martin Richard who was waiting for his dad to cross the finish line.

Martin Richard is the littlest victim of the Boston Marathon bombings, a somber President Obama referred to him as he addressed the nation on Tuesday.

Obama said, "We know two explosions gravely wounded dozens of Americans and took the lives of others, including an eight-year-old boy."

Martin Richard was from Dorchester, Massachusetts, was delighted to be at the race joying the sights and sounds of his family.

Instead, Martin was killed. His seven-year-old sister, Jane, lost a leg and his mom, Denise, suffered a severe head injury.

The grieving dad, Bill Richard, issued a statement: "My dear son martin has died from injuries sustained in the attack on Boston. My wife and daughter are both recovering from serious injuries. We thank our family and friends, those we know and those we have never met, for their thoughts and prayers."

Friends brought flowersand a candle to the grieving family. The neighbors can't believe what has happened.

One neighbor said, "Everybody in the neighborhood feels the same way, we are just devestated over the whole thing."

Meanwhile, another fatality from the race has been identified, 29-year-old Kristen Campbell of Medford, Massachusetts, who was there to cheer on a friend.

Another child injured at the race was 11-year-old Aaron Hern of Martinez, California. He was waiting for his mom to cross the finish line when the bombs went off, sending shrapnel into his leg.

And what can you say about Liz Norden, a mom whose two sons each lost a leg watching the race? One of them phoned her from the ambulance with a heartbreaking message, "Ma, I’m hurt real bad."

The images are heartbreaking, like one of dazed Nicole Gross, who'd been waiting for her mother to finish the race and suffered leg fractures from the blast. And former New England patriot’s football star Joe Andruzzi, carryed a wounded woman to safety.

Ironically, this year's Boston Marathon was supposed to have a healing theme, with a team of runners from Newtown, Connecticut.

Each mile was dedicated to a victim from that unforgettable massacre. Dr. Laura Nowacki organized the team, and before the race she tearfully shared her hopes for the team.

“We’re Newtown strong. We're here to run 26 miles for the 26 lives lost. When we hit Boyleston Street and we're running that final 385 yeards toward the finish, we're going sprint like we ran that day to get to our children."

The last word goes to the Boston Marathon's littlest victim, Martin Richard, not long ago, he made a poster in school with a special message for the world, "No more hurting people. Peace."