Elvis Impersonator Arrested For Sending Ricin Letter to Obama

Authorities say they have apprehended the man who allegedly sent President Obama a letter containing the posion, ricin. As it turns out, he's an Elvis impersonator. INSIDE EDITION has more.

The FBI says it has caught the man responsible for sending letters laced with the deadly poison ricin to President Obama and two other officials.

And he is, of all things, an Elvis impersonator.

Paul Kevin Curtis was arrested at his apartment in Corinth, Mississippi around 6 o'clock Wednesday night. The 45-year-old not only does a spot-on Elivis impersonation, he also does Prince! And he does Jon Bon Jovi!

He's got a 5-star rating on his impersonator website, with pages full of glowing reviews, like this one that reads, "Kevin, you delivered a truly spectacular performance for my parent's 50th wedding anniversary!"

Now the whole nation wants to know, what in the world could have made this Elvis impersonator snap and mail deadly poison to the President and two others? It's something the FBI is looking into.

Authorities say the ricin letters were signed "I am KC and I approve this message." KC is believed to be short for Kevin Curtis, his real name.

The musician who performs at birthday parties and anniversaries, allegedly has a dark side. He's reportedly been arrested numerous times for misdemeanors such as harassment and stalking.

As it turns out, Curtis, did have a personal connection to one of the politicians he allegedly sent a ricin-laced letter to. Mississippi Senator, Roger Wicker, reportedly said he once actually hired Curtis to work as an Elvis impersonator at one of his events.

Kevin Curtis reportedly said he would never be involved in anything like this.

Now a jury will decide whether Kevin Curtis will be doing his Elvis impersonation behind bars.