Was Tamerlan Tsarnaev Responsible For A Triple Murder?

Could the dead Boston marathon bomber be linked to a 2011 triple murder? Authorities are looking into a possible connection between the killings and the accused Boston bomber. INSIDE EDITION reports.

Was the Boston bomber also responsible for a grisly triple murder?

Tamerlan Tsarnaev's best friend was one of three men found with their throats slashed in 2011. The murders have gone unsolved, but now, authorities are looking into a possible connection with the bomber.

The triple murders happened at a house on a quiet, leafy street in Waltham, a suburb of Boston. The bodies were found by the girlfriend of one of the victims, who ran from the house screaming, "There's blood everywhere." Cops said at the time that the victims probably knew their killer or killers.

The bodies were discovered September 12, 2011, but the killings apparently took place the day before on the tenth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks.

25-year-old murder victim Brendan Mess trained with his boxing buddy, Tamerlan.  

The Daily Beast website says police now believe that Tamerlan was furious at his pal for introducing his younger brother Dzhokar to marijuana.

Tamerlan's violent streak was well known. In 2009 he was arrested for slapping a girlfriend. Friends say he threw objects at his wife, Katherine Russell, and called her a slut.

Katherine now calls herself Karima following her conversation to Islam. She has reportedly not yet spoken to investigators, but her lawyer says, "She understands the need for doing it. It's a threat to national security and she gets that."

"As a mother, sister, and wife, Katie deeply mourns the loss of the victims. The news of her husband and brother in law comes a complete shock," said her lawyer.