"Dancing With The Stars" Invites Boston Victim To Show

The cast from Dancing with the Stars send out heart warming messages to Adrianne Haslet-Davis, the ballroom dancer who lost her foot during the Boston Marathon explosion. INSIDE EDITION spoke with the cast and they invited Adrianne to come to

"We hope she'll come out and see the show," Karina Smifnoff said, inviting the dance instructor who lost her leg in the Boston Marathon bombing to come on Dancing with the Stars.

Andy Dick joined in saying, "She should come. You should be in the audience and we definitely will lift your spirits.”

Our story about Adrianne Haslet-Davis and her incredible spirit moved everyone backstage at Dancing with the Stars.

Boston native Ally Raisman, and her partner Mark Ballas started rehearsing for this year's show at the Arthur Murray Dance Studio in Boston where Adrianne worked. They actually met  her.

Ballas said, “Sending her my best wishes, my love, my prayers, my thoughts “

And we're seeing an outpouring of support for others who have lost limbs in the Boston bombings.

Celeste Corcorran and her daughter Sydney were watching the marathon when they were blown off their feet .

Marine Sgt Gabriel Martinez told the mother and daughter, "This is basically the start, you know, this is the new beginning for both of you."

Doctors were forced to amputate Celeste's legs, below the knee. 

Celeste told Martinez, “ I can't do anything right now."

Martinez responded,  "Right now, yes, but I'm telling you with all my heart you are going to be more independent than you ever were. “

Martinez, who suffered a similar loss in Afghanistan, visited Celeste in the hospital and showed her his prosthetic legs.

He recalled, "As soon as I walked into the hospital room, she looked at me and she saw that I was an amputee and immediately she started crying."

He told her she can come to grips with her new way of living.

After seeing the prosthetic, Celeste said,  "I can't believe it's the same."

"Yeah, we're he exact same.  I'm actually four inches above the knee," Responded Martinez.

INSIDE EDITION spoke to the marine from his home in Colorado.

He said, "As a warrior, as a patriot myself, I just felt so compelled to do something and you know, to me, the very least thing that I could think of to do was to go out there and see them."

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