Michael Clarke Duncan's Sister Feuds With Omarosa Over Will

Michael Clarke Duncan's sister, Judy, has growing suspicions about her brother's will and wants an investigation of his fiancé, Omarosa. INSIDE EDITION sits down with Judy to talk about the family feud.

Omarosa is the reality TV star America loves to hate, known for being feisty on Celebrity Apprentice. But now, Omarosa finds herself in the middle of a family feud with the family of her late fiance, Michael Clarke Duncan.

Duncan's big sister Judy and her daughter Karyn want an investigation into the circumstances surrounding changes made to Michael's will only months before he died.

Judy says, "I am suspicious about a lot of things."          

Here's what Omarosa said to Wendy Williams about the will when Wendy asked, "Did he take care of you?" Omarosa responded, "He did want to make sure I was cared for ."

Duncan is best known for his Oscar nominated performance in The Green Mile.

Back in July, Duncan suffered a heart attack. On this frantic call to 911 you can hear Omarosa refer to Michael as her husband.

"He's not responding. My husband's not responding, please. He's not responding.

Judy says when she and Karyn arrived at the hospital, they were shocked to hear Omarosa and Michael were engaged.

Judy said, "We were like whoa."    

INSIDE EDITION's Victoria Recano asked, "So you don't think they were ever engaged?" Judy said, "Michael never mentioned any type of engagement."

Michael died last September after two months on life support.

After the funeral, Judy says Omarosa turned on her, refusing to part with some of Michael's things she promised to give her.

Judy said,  "I asked for the Green Mile director chair. My youngest grandson asked for one watch and a bottle of his cologne. That's what we originally asked for. That was it."

Recano asked, "What did you get?" Judy replied, "To this date, nothing."

In a statement to INSIDE EDITION, Omarosa says Judy's allegations are "Absolutely not true," even calling her "Michael's estranged sister."

Omarosa also says Michael's will was regularley updated.

Recano told Judy, "She claims that you were actually estranged."

Judy said, "We were not estranged in no way, form, or fashion."

And Omarosa is also getting support from her old boss, Donald Trump.

"I'm sure it will work out and I hope everything will be fine for Omarosa and for the family." Trump said.

Omarosa says she's tried several times to arrange a time to deliver the items but Judy won't respond and she also points out that her fiance's will gave "equal shares" of his estate to two of Judy's grandchildren.

Recano said, "Omarosa says you're lying. What do you say to that?"

Judy said, " I don't have a reason to lie but I do want some questions answered."