The Secret Life of Babies

What really happens when you put your little angel down for a nap? INSIDE EDITION takes you into the secret world of babies where some surprising things happen when they think no one's watching.

It's a side of your little one you've never seen. What happens when they think mom and dad are not looking?

Little Jude Bennet became an internet sensation when his wacky bedtime routine was captured by a nannycam. He flopped, face first, onto his mattress over and over again.

"We saw him, and we're like what is going in there?" said one parent.

Another restless toddler found on YouTube showed him so determined to stay awake that he almost flips over his crib.

One mini daredevil escaped from her crib, made a bee-line for the nannycam, and actually turned it off.

Little Joseph Allen just turned 2. He's a rambunctious little boy who really does not like to nap.

INSIDE EDITION set up hidden cameras to see what happens when Joseph is alone in his bedroom.

Right after mom left, he played peek-a-boo and bounced up and down. Then, he tore a box apart and knocked over his basketball hoop.

London McBee also hates naptime. His mom rubbed his back and gently lulled him to sleep, but when she left, our nannycams captured him putting on a one man concert with drums and vocals.

And then, in true rock star style, he proceeded to trash his room.

"He was doing everything he could not to fall asleep, that's for sure," said London's dad.

But during INSIDE EDITION's interview with the family, he fell right asleep in him mom's arms.

Having a secret life can be exhausting!