Was Kiss Cam Fight Real or Staged?

When a Kiss Cam focused on one couple, the whole arena witnessed a whole lot of drama. But was it real? INSIDE EDITION finds out from the couple themselves.

It's the Kiss-Cam turned fight-cam sweeping the internet.

The jumbotron at a minor league baseball game in Fresno, California showed a guy and his "girlfriend" in the stands. But when she lets him know it's time for a kiss, he refuses. He won't even put his cell phone down.

When the camera goes back to the couple, he's still turning her down.

So, third time's the charm, right?  Nope. The man's still saying no to the kiss. So she dumps her drink on him and storms away to the cheers of the crowd.

But was it all a set-up? Polls popped up everywhere asking, “Was the Kiss Cam incident real or staged?”

Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb sure thought it was real.

Gifford asked, “I wonder if they’re married or just dating?”

On The Talk, Sharon Osbourne said, “I don’t know if it was staged or if it was real. It’s irrelevant because I just love it. It just makes me smile.

Well, we've solved the mystery. Meet Daniel Parichan and Kelly Henderson, friends who agreed to play the part of a battling couple for laughs. We skyped with them Thursday.

INSIDE EDITION’S Diane McInerney asked the duo, “Set the record straight. Was this really all staged?”

They both responded, “Yes.”

McInerney continued, “Who came up with this idea?”

Henderson replied, “I work for the Fresno Grizzlies and my boss contacted me and said we wanted to do a fake out Kiss Cam.”

McInerney said, “We didn't get to see you guys kiss on the Kiss Cam. I know everyone wants to see it happen. Can you give us a little kiss?

Laughing, Henderson said, “Well, actually Daniel and I are really good friends.”

Parichan settled for giving Henderson a quick kiss on the hand.

Henderson said, “There’s your kiss.”