Mark Lester Claims To Be Biological Father Of Michael Jackson's Kids

INSIDE EDITION spoke to former child star Mark Lester who says he could be the biological father of Michael Jackson's children.

Is this man the biological father of Michael Jackson's children?

Mark Lester says he's ready to take a paternity test.

INSIDE EDITION's Les Trent asked, "Would you be willing, if the children wanted you to, take a DNA test?"

"If the children wanted it then I would, but as far as I'm concerned, it would only be on that premise," replied Lester.

Lester is the former child actor who famously played the lead in the Best Picture musical Oliver. Jackson was obsessed with the movie, and arranged to meet Lester.

"His manager phoned up and said Michael would like to meet me. Oliver was his favorite musical. He was interested in people who had been famous when they were young," said Lester.

Over the years, they remained friends. Lester got married and had four children.
Lester said, "He said, 'You must be very fertile. He said, 'Would you be prepared to help me out with a sperm donation?'"

Lester says he went to a sperm bank in England. But to this day, he doesn't know for sure if Michael  ever followed through.

"I don't really know and I don't feel any urgency to find out," he said.

But, as Paris and Prince have grown, Lester and everyone else have noticed the uncanny physical resemblance.

"I certainly see there's a resemblance with my two younger daughters," admits Lester.

Side-by-side, Paris could be the sister of Mark Lester's daughter. A similarity is also noticeable when photos of Lester as a youngster are compared to Prince at around that same age.

Lester said, "I cherish every moment that Michael and I spend together. My family and his family, we bonded so much."