Wade Robson Says Michael Jackson Molested Him

Wade Robson denied under oath that Michael Jackson sexually abused him as a child. Now, he's changed his story and says the King of Pop did molest him repeatedly. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

Wade Robson is the dancer who's doing a flip-flop over claims that Michael Jackson molested him when he was a youngster.

"He sexually abused me from seven years old until 14," said Robson. "He performed sexual acts on me and forced me to perform sexual acts on him."

Robson was a protege of Jackson. He even appeared in one of Jackson's famous videos. Until last week, Robson had always denied being sexually abused by Jackson.

INSIDE EDITION's Jim Moret actually interviewed Wade Robson when he was ten years old and Moret was reporting for CNN. Robson told Moret back then that he and Jackson would have slumber parties, watch cartoons and eat junk food, but he was adamant nothing inappropriate happened.

"He's a very, very nice, kind person. He wouldn't hurt anybody," Robson told Moret at the time. 

Twenty years later, Robson was a star defense witness at Jackson's 2005 trial when the singer was cleared of molestation charges. He testified under oath that Jackson never abused him.

He said the same thing when he appeared on Jimmy Kimmel's show in 2003.

Robson is now 30 and a top choreographer. He's worked with Britney Spears, and appeared on Dancing with the Stars.

Now, he's suing Jackson's estate, calling the late star a "sexual predator."

Robson told Matt Lauer on the Today show, "He would call me every day and role play, and tell me the same sort of things. And also tell then, that if anyone ever thought that we did these things, these sexual things, that both of us would go to jail."

Robson says his change of heart happened when he became a father himself.

"My son is the one who saved my life," he said.

The ladies of The View discussed Robson's new claims.

Barbara Walters said, "He could be prosecuted for committing perjury. But, most attorneys say that probably won't happen."

Tom Mesereau, Michael Jackson's attorney in the molestation trial, is blasting Robson.

Mesereau told Moret, "For him to come forward now and change his story completely, is outrageous as far as I'm concerned."

Moret asked, "What do you think the motivation is?"

"The motivation is clearly money, money and more money," said Mesereau.

Jackson's family is also livid, calling Robson's new claims "outrageous and pathetic."

Matt Lauer said, "Jermaine Jackson, Micheal's brother said 'Wade Robson is full of...and then used an expletive."

Robson won't back down, saying, "I've lived in silence and denial for 22 years, and I can't spend another moment in that."