Tornado Survival Stories Rise From The Rubble

Stories of survival and video capturing the terror of the tornado continue to emerge from Moore, Oklahoma. INSIDE EDITION reports from the devastated town.

New video has surfaced of the killer tornado that tore through Briarwood Elementary School.

Fifth grade teacher Robin Dziedzic shot the chilling video, first obtained by ABC News, as she huddled with her students in a darkened bathroom.

On the video, Dziedzic shouts, "Keep your heads down! It's almost over!"

She expressed raw emotion in her reaction as she stepped into the hallways and saw the destruction for the first time.

"Oh my God! Oh my God," exclaimed Dziedzic.

We're learning incredible stories about how people managed to make it through the storm.

There's nothing left of Nathan and Amber Griesel's home.

They showed INSIDE EDITION's Jim Moret how they put their three little girls into the bathtub and shielded them with their bodies.

"We put a mattress up over us and we just huddled and prayed," said Amber.

One hundred twenty pets separated from their owners are being cared for at  the Oklahoma City Animal Shelter. here are even three lost horses stabled there. They have visible wounds and lacerations caused by the tornado debris that hit them.

Shelter workers are now posting photos of these beloved pets in hopes they can be reunited with their families after the tornado that devastated Moore, Oklahoma.