Double Date From President Obama's High School Prom Reveals Details

INSIDE EDITION spoke exclusively to Kelli Allman who was at her high school prom in 1979 with the future Commander-in-Chief.

Photos of President Obama prom have been released. The year was 1979 and 17-year-old Barack Obama was known as Barry at his private high school in Hawaii.

Dressed in a white suit jacket, he posed with his date, pretty Megan Hughes. He even matched his tie to her blue dress. Instead of a corsage and boutonniere, they're wearing Hawaiian leis. With them were fellow varsity basketball player Greg Orme and his girlfriend, Kelli Allman.

INSIDE EDITION’s Diane McInerney spoke exclusively to Allman on Thursday.

Allman said, "We were on a double date that night and were at my mom's to have some campaign and take pictures before the prom."

Allman then said asked, "The big surprise was when he walked into the house with his date, Megan, who was this beautiful blue-eyed blonde girl. I just remember being like, 'Wow, go Barry!,' when they walked in the door."

McInerney asked, "Why was this such a big suprise?"

Allman responded, "This was the first time I saw him on a date with someone."

Her photos appear in this week's Time magazine, had been going steady with Obama’s buddy. But that didn't stop the future president from flirting when he signed her yearbook. He wrote: “Kelli, It has been so nice getting to know you this year. You are extremely sweet and foxy.” Obama went on to write “I hope we can keep in touch this summer, even though Greg will be gone. Call me up, and I’ll buy you lunch sometimes.” Then he actually gives her his digits. Obama signed the note, “Your friend, love, Barry Obama.”

McInerney asked, "Was he flirting with you?"

Allman replied, "He was flirting with me, but he was really intelligent and witty and charming. Flirting was in his nature. It was all sweet and innocent."

The president and his old friend Greg are still close. Allman now has two daughters and a live in boyfriend.

She said, "I guess I am just wondering how long the lunch invitation is good for, I might still take him up on it."

McInerney asked, "So, you are waiting to get that call?"

Allman replied, "He is probably too busy to call me, but I would love to take my daughters to the White House one day."