Zumba Instructor Convicted Of Prostitution Is Sentenced

INSIDE EDITION was on the scene as the Zumba instructor who was convicted of running a prostitution ring out of her studio was sentenced to 10 months behind bars.

Zumba instructor Alexis Wright is finally facing the music.

She was sentenced on Friday and for the first time she gave her side of the prostitution scandal that has rocked her quaint hometown in Maine.

30-year-old Wright was mobbed by camera crews as she arrived at court clinging to her husband Jason, they're newlyweds.

She said, "I have mixed feelings about today."

Minutes later, she was sitting at the defense table waiting for the hearing to start. She fidgeted nervously with her hands and looked at her prepared statement. She listened as the prosecution and defense addressed the judge. Then it was her turn to read the statement.

"I am thankful to have an incredibly supportive husband, who loves me just for me," she tearfully said.

Wright claimed she had been duped by her partner in the prostitution ring, married insurance agent Mark Strong, who also worked as a private investigator.

Strong has said that he and the Zumba instructor were more than just business partners. He previously said, "We did have intimate moments."

Wright took offense at that. She said in court, "I find it to be incredibly nauseating."

She then went back to the defense table, where her lawyer handed her a tissue.

The Zumba instructor's arrest scandalized the New England town of Kennebunk, which is just down the road from the Bush family's summer vacation home.

Wright was accused of sexual liaisons with local big shots at her Zumba studio, her apartment and office.

In the plea deal, she was sentenced to ten months behind bars.

After a final supportive comment from the judge, she said, "I know that you will succeed when you are released. I know that you will prevail, and I wish you success."

The Zumba instructor turned hooker was taken away to begin her sentence.