Catherine Zeta-Jones Did Not Give Michael Douglas HPV

After being quoted as saying he got throat cancer through oral sex, Michael Douglas is reportedly setting the record straight that his wife, Catherine Zeta-Jones didn't give him any illness. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

He didn't get it from Catherine Zeta-Jones. That's the message from Michael Douglas after the firestorm over oral sex and the HPV virus.

But the superstar couple's friend Barbara Walters dispelled the idea that Catherine was to blame on The View.

She said, "Michael would like it to be known that his wife, Catherine, is healthy. She does not have the HPV virus."

And Walters had another update from Douglas, "He doesn't know how he got cancer, and he joked I’d have the Nobel Prize if I knew how he got it."

But the journalist who broke the bombshell Michael Douglas oral sex story is sticking to his guns, despite an angry reaction from the star's publicist.

Douglas' spokesman said he was talking in general terms when he said oral sex can cause cancer, and was not referring to his own case.

But Xan Brooks, who interviewed Douglas for a respected British newspaper, says that's not so.

Brooks told INSIDE EDITION, "The sense I had was he was talking very directly and very specifically about his own condition."

Brooks' newspaper, The Guardian, also released an audiotape of the exchange.

Brooks asked Douglas, "Do you feel in hindsight that you overloaded your system with smoking and drink?"

Douglas said, "Without getting too specific, this particular cancer is caused by something called HPV,  which actually comes about from [expletive]."

Brooks told INSIDE EDITION, I didn't anticipate it to be on page one of the New York Post. I didn't expect it to go so viral as it did."

The late-night comics continue to milk the story.

David Letterman joked, "Kim Kardashian is having a baby girl. I was thinking about this, we need another Kardashian like we need another Michael Douglas revelation."