Should Lotto Winner Share Massive Winnings With Stranger?

The elderly woman who won the record-setting Powerball jackpot says another player let her cut in line to buy the winning ticket. INSIDE EDITION viewers weighed in if she should share her winnings.

Should the jackpot winner share her lottery loot with the kind-hearted stranger who let her win?

That's the big question after a little old lady came forward to claim that historic $590 million Powerball jackpot.

Sharon Osbourne said on The Talk, "She has enough that she is not going to miss a few million."

84-year-old widow Gloria MacKenzie went out of her way to acknowledge a stranger's help, in a statement read by a lottery official.

The head of the Florida lottery said at a press conference, "While in the line at Publix, another lottery player was kind enough to let me go ahead of them in line to purchase the winning Quick Pick ticket."

That kind-hearted stranger who let Gloria cut in line was Mindy Crandell.

Imagine, losing out on $590 million because you were polite.

But Mindy is being incredibly gracious about Gloria’s good fortune.

She said, "Maybe there is something down the road. Maybe she needed it more than we did, whatever it was it was ment to be."

Gloria lives in a humble home in Zephyrhills, Florida. She was accompanied by her son as she came forward to collect her prize. She's chosen to take a lump-sum payment totaling over $370 million.

So, should she share with Mindy?

On we asked our viewers what Gloria should do.

More than half, 55% said Gloria should give Mindy a million dollars. But 30% thought Mindy should get nothing.