Donut Sandwich Sparks Frenzy

Dunkin Donuts launched a new breakfast sandwich that combines egg, bacon and a donut, and it's got people buzzing. INSIDE EDITION went for a taste test.

It's the Dunkin Donuts sandwich that's causing a furor.

Today is National Donut Day and to celebrate they're launching a breakfast sandwich that you have to see, and taste to believe.

The new glazed breakfast sandwich consists of fried egg and bacon on a glazed donut.

Time magazine is calling it the work of "a mad genius."

The Boston Globe slams it in an editorial headline: "Duncan Delusions."

But how does it taste? Not bad at all.

Maybe the biggest surprise is that the glazed breakfast sandwich has just 360 calories. But critics point out it contains a whopping 60 mg of cholesterol and 20 grams of fat.

It's not the only fast food innovation making news. A line formed outside a Manhattan bakery for the Cronut, a hybrid consisting of a croissant and doughnut that is causing an international sensation.

When Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan tried them on live TV, Strahan said, "They sell for $5 but they're so popular they're selling for up to $40 on the black market."

Ripa said, "Oh! I'm addicted to it now! They should be called crack cakes!"