Could Superman Be A Metaphor For Jesus?

Man of Steel frenzy has hit fever pitch and comparisons of the new Superman to Jesus are swirling. INSIDE EDITION explores the religious imagery and themes in the upcoming blockbuster.

With anticipation building for the new Superman movie, some are saying the imagery in the film mirrors the life of Jesus.  

In one scene, there is a bearded Clark Kent, played by actor Henry Cavill. He's floating underwater, his arms outstretched as if on a cross.  

Superman has always been seen as the savior of mankind, but the producers of Man of Steel are now saying they deliberately chose to drive that powerful religious message home. 

Superman has two fathers, one from another world, played by Russell Crowe, and an Earthly dad, played by Kevin Costner.

In the film, Superman is 33, the same age as Jesus when he was crucified.

And get this, Superman's name on Krypton is Kal-El. It means "Voice of God" or "Vessel of God" in Hebrew.