NBA Fans Locked Out Of Playoff Game

Frenzied NBA ticket holders pounded on the doors of the Miami arena, trying frantically to get back into the game. INSIDE EDITION found out why.

It was a wild scene at game six of the NBA championship. Fans were desperately trying to get in.

They left the big game early, thinking the game was lost. But the Miami Heat staged an amazing comeback, and the fans wanted back in!

“Let us in! We have our tickets,” one fan yelled.

The game was a nail-biter all the way through, with both Miami and the San Antonio Spurs fighting for every point. Miami's Mike Miller lost his shoe but played on, scoring a crucial three pointer. The game's announcer said, "What a roller coaster ride here in the fourth quarter!"

Then, with 30 seconds to go, the Spurs were ahead by four points. It seemed the game was lost, and hundreds of Miami fans were leaving, pouring out of the arena, down the stairs, and out into the parking lot, all to beat the traffic.

And then it happened: a comeback tied up the game and brought it into overtime. The announcer exclaimed, "Tie game with five seconds remaining!"

The spectators who left early suddenly realized they'd blown it bigtime, but it was too late. Once you leave, you can't get back in.

“Everyone is trying to get back in,” said a fan.

"Why would they leave?" Blake Burman is a reporter with WSVN-TV in Miami. "They were running up the stairs to try to get back in. Some of them were even banging on the door to get the attention of security, but at that point, security was not going to let them back in."

One fan was really beating himself up, saying, "I can't believe we 'bleeping' left."

Miami won the game in a thrilling finish. It was one of the greatest games ever played, and an incredible night for the fans, unless, of course, you were outside looking in!