Halle Berry Aims to Limit Paparazzo's Rights

Halle Berry spoke at the California State Capitol Building on a proposed law that would limit the photographing of children. INSIDE EDITION has the latest on how this movie star mom is trying to protect her daughter.

A pregnant Halle Berry is taking a stand.

Berry testified, "There is inherent danger to paparazzi's action in regard to children."

Halle, five months pregnant with her second child, spoke at the California State Capitol building where she urged passage of a law to protect children from intrusive celebrity photographers.

"When they are in fear of leaving the house, when they're suffering from nightmares and feeling that they cannot move in the world in a free and safe way, that is when, as a mother, I have to stand up for the rights of my children," said Berry.

Halle has been at war with paparazzi over her five-year-old daughter Nahla. Remember the showdown at LA International Airport in April? Fiancé Olivier Martinez was carrying Nahla, and Halle actually had to restrain him from going after one photographer. 

And who can forget the meltdown last year outside her daughter's school? She said, “I'm doing something honorable; I'm not harassing people.”

Many news organizations are against the proposed paparazzi law, saying it infringes upon free speech, however, Halle says it will protect kids like hers.

Berry said, "I am here today to speak not only on my behalf, but I am here to speak on the behalf of all the other children who face harassment."