Michael Jackson Home Movies Played in Court

Home videos of Michael Jackson with his young children were played in court as Prince Jackson testifies that their father's death was particularly hard on his sister, Paris. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

Never-before-seen home video of Michael Jackson's children was played in court as part of the wrongful death lawsuit the Jackson family filed against concert promoter AEG Live.

The home movies, edited to the song, "Daddy's Home" gives a rare and intimate look at Prince and Paris Jackson as toddlers.  

Prince was just a little boy wearing a grown up suit as he played with the microphone. On the video he says, "Hi. My name is Prince Michael Jackson and I'm daddy's baby. I love my daddy."

Another video, taken several years later shows Jackson's youngest son, Blanket along with Paris and Prince on Christmas Day. Michael Jackson was actually behind the camera, and can be heard asking each of his kids about their future.  

Michael asked, "Who is Blanket gonna be in the future? Who is Blanket gonna be to change the world?"
Blanket: "Movie director."
Michale: "A what?"
Blanket: "Movie director."
Michael: "Oh...That's what I want to do. What does Paris want to be?"

He encourages his kids to really think about their answer.

Michael: "Think about it. Search your heart. What do you want to do in the future?"
Paris: "Help the poor."
Michael: "Very sweet."
Prince: "I'd like to be a movie director and an architect."
Michael: "Tell me why."
Prince: "Because I want to direct movies with my daddy."

Some intimate family snapshots were also shown in court. In one, Prince cuddles with his newborn baby sister, Paris. In another, Michael Jackson plays piano with Prince.

Prince took the stand on Wednesday to testify at the wrongful death trial. The 16-year old said his father "wasn't strong enough" and "looked malnourished."

He also described the day his father died, "My dad was hanging half off the bed, and his eyes kind of rolled in the back of his head."

And Paris was screaming saying "she wants her daddy."

Then, Dr. Murray turned to them and said, "Sorry, kids. dad's dead."  

Prince says Paris took their father's death the hardest. "She was my dad's princess," he testified. 

Earlier this month, Paris attempted suicide.

Judging from thed home movies, we see once again how close Michael Jackson was to his children, and how much they miss their father.