Happenings At The BET Awards

INSIDE EDITION was in the center of the action at the BET Awards that included big performances, some no-shows, and rumors of lip-synching.

Jamie Foxx showed where he stands on the Trayvon Martin case at the BET Awards last night.

The actor, accepting a best actor award for Django Unchained at the BET Awards, wore a t-shirt with the slain teen's photo.

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The show, held last night in Los Angeles, was full of showstopping performances.

Nicki Minaj got into the swing of things flying over the crowd on a platform.

Mariah Carey belted out her hit song "Beautiful" wearing a diamond-encrusted strapless dress. But everyone's asking, did she or did she not lip sync? 

Now, Twitter is ablaze with cracks calling Mariah "a professional lip syncer."

Drake, who was up for 12 awards, was a no-show. He reportedly pulled out because he didn't want to come face-to-face with his rival Chris Brown. But Drake gave a different reason for his absence on Twitter.  

"Thank you to BET! I'm home finishing the album and spending time w/ family," he wrote.

INSIDE EDITION caught up with Michael Jackson's sister Rebbie on the red carpet and asked about her niece, Paris who attempted suicide last month.

"She's doing okay, and that's what's important. She's doing fine," Rebbie said.