James Gandolfini's Ex-Fiancée Mourns Loss

INSIDE EDITION spoke to James Gandolfini's ex-fiancée, Lora Somoza, who reflected on their relationship and the man who brought Tony Soprano to life.

James Gandolfini's former fiancée, Lora Somoza, is talking about her last conversation with the iconic actor, just two weeks before he died.

She said, "I got to congratulate him on his new baby girl and he just sounded really good."

Somoza shared Gandolfini's life at the height of his Sopranos fame. They were engaged for two years but broke up. She says she was happy that Gandolfini found love with his wife, Deborah Lin, and denies a tabloid report that he tried to get back together with her during that last phone call.

She said, "We were friends, and we were going to stay friends, he was happily married, and I’m happily with somebody."