Driver Drags Baby In Stroller

Aireanna Currier lived through a mother's worst nightmare when a driver backed into her baby's stroller and dragged it away with her son inside. INSIDE EDITION talks to the mother.

It's a mother's nightmare. A driver backed up and rammed into her as she was pushing her stroller.

It gets worse. The driver took off with her one-year-old baby still in the stroller. It was stuck to the bumper.

Aireanna Currier showed INSIDE EDITION where it all happened in a parking lot at a convenience store in Muskegon, Michigan.

Eighteen-year-old Currier had picked up a carton of milk and was walking across the parking lot with her sister when the horror began.

"He backed up and hit me," said Currier.

Video captured Currier being knocked down. She's lucky not to have been crushed under the wheels. The minivan pulled away. A frantic Currier chased after the vehicle. Thank goodness it stopped. A witness came over to help. Currier got her son free and cradled him in her arms. Then, the driver hightailed it out of there.

Currier said, "They took off going down there, speeding."

Incredibly, little Elijah was unscathed. Currier has only scrapes too.

Cops say the van was stolen. It was found later that day. They released a photo of one of the men they believe was in the van. He was a customer at the convenience store.

Currier realizes she and her son are both lucky to be alive after their hit-and-run ordeal.