Brave Five-Year-Old Calls 911

INSIDE EDITION spoke to the five-year-old who called 911 to find her dad so she could save her mother from choking.

Chloe Olsen is the quick-thinking five-year-old who called 911 to reach her dad when she was trying to save her mom.

Chloe: Daddy?
Dispatcher: Hello.
Chloe: Daddy, Mommy's choking.

Chloe's mom, Kerry, was eating chips in the kitchen of their Ridgewood, New Jersey home. “I started to gasp and I felt like I was choking,” she told INSIDE EDITION.

Chloe immediately sprung into action.  She's cool as a cucumber while talking to the 911 dispatcher.

Dispatcher: She's choking?
Chloe: Yes, she can't talk right now.
Dispatcher: Okay. She can't talk?
Chloe: No.
Dispatcher: Can you open the front door and I'll get help over to you?
Chloe: Okay.
Dispatcher: Alright, open the front door. I'll be right there.

Little Chloe said goodbye, still thinking its dad.

Chloe: Love you. Bye.
Dispatcher: Bye.

Kerry said, “I didn't think that she would actually know how to dial 911.”  

Chloe learned how to call 911 from a YouTube video she watched in nursery school. She often watches the video and sings along with her big sister Olivia.

“I'm very proud of her,” said Kerry, “For a little girl, she did a big thing and she did a good thing.”

It may not be the best way of reaching her dad at work, but it sure did the trick.