How Did Prince William Do With First Baby Car Seat?

Prince William impressed the world when he quickly installed his little prince's car seat, but INSIDE EDITION spoke to an expert who says the new father could improve on his technique.

Every new dad knows that feeling of relief. Prince William wiped his brow after putting his baby in the car seat. You can almost hear him say, "Thank heavens I didn't mess that up."

But it turns out, William’s technique as he left the hospital was a little off. Pediatrician Alisa Bayer is an expert on child safety seats. She told INSIDE EDITION what William did wrong. “Royalty are humans just like all of us, and everyone can make a mistake.”

Bayer said, "The royal baby, when he arrived in his seat, he was swaddled under his straps. And the straps were not able to effectively hold him snug because they were loose and they were also trying to hold a big blanket in addition to his body."

Dr. Bayer showed INSIDE EDITION how it should be done. "It's only safe to swaddle over the straps. So take a thin swaddle blanket. Tuck nice and tightly, under the child's arms and under their legs and under their feet, and you can easily calm a baby down that way."

Meanwhile, everyone's talking about William's casual look as he and Kate left the hospital with their new son: the open-neck shirt and the rolled-up sleeves.

Compare William to his stuffy father, Prince Charles, in a pinstripe suit and tie when he and Diana left the same hospital after William was born in 1982.

Charles climbed into the backseat of his chauffeured car. There was no car seat for the baby, a big no-no these days. William, in contrast, drove his wife and son away himself, with Kate keeping a watchful eye on the baby in the car seat.

He’s the people's prince, just like his mum.