Jesse James in Tears

Jesse James sat down with ABC's Nightline to talk publicly for the first time since news broke of his alleged affair. INSIDE EDITION has a preview.

The estranged husband of Sandra Bullock broke down during an interview with ABC's Nightline.  He said, "Let me take a break for a second."

It happened as he was talking about everything he's lost since his notorious cheating was exposed.

ABC asked, "You cheated on your wife?"  "Yep. I took a pretty amazing life and marriage and threw it away," Jesse said.

And he admits that everyone hates him.  Not just in America, but the whole world.

"The headlines say that you're the most hated man in America!"  James replied, "I think it's the most hated man in the world now - ha!" 

"This was a woman who stood on stage and told the world, 'I never knew what it was like for someone to have my back until you. I love you!'"

The exclusive interview airs on Nightline Tuesday.

And the dramatic 911 call has just been released over this furious confrontation between Jesse James, wearing a motor cycle helmet, and a photographer two months ago.  

James said, "You think I'm playing with you? Go!"

The photographer called 911 and the dispatcher heard the entire incident as it unfolded.   

Caller:  "They're popping my tires now! This guy right here, he popped my tire!"

911 Operator: "Hello? Hello? Hello? Can you hear me?"

911 Operator: "Can you hear me?"

Caller:  "They're attacking me! What do you want me to do? They're attacking me!"

Police have dropped vandalism charges against Jesse James.