Anthony Weiner Continues Campaign Amidst Calls To Quit

Anthony Weiner is now without a campaign manager as fallout continues over his scandal and INSIDE EDITION's exclusive interview with the young woman at the center of it.

Huma Abedin manages a smile as she leaves home Monday morning, while the fallout from INSIDE EDITION's exclusive interview with the young woman at the heart of the sexting scandal rages.

It was Abedin's first appearance since that stand-by-your-man news conference with her husband last week.

Huma turned 37 Sunday, but spent it holed up at their Manhattan apartment. A dressed-down Weiner was spotted at the park over the weekend with the couple's adorable 18-month-old son, Jordan.

Weiner left home this morning, speaking only to mention a so-called candidate availability.

Former top Obama advisor David Axelrod blasted Weiner on Meet the Press. Axelrod said, "The issue here isn't about his relationship with his wife. The issue is about his relationship with the voters. He's twice deceived them, lied about his activity. Why would you repose trust in someone who did that?"

Face the Nation host Bob Schieffer had this comment about Weiner's behavior: "It is not funny. It is sickening. Anthony Weiner is not an entertaining cook. He is a new-age flasher."

Adding to Weiner's woes, his campaign manager, Danny Kedem, quit over the weekend.

Weiner is due back on the campaign trail today. He's certain to face the wrath of citizens, like one retired teacher he ran into Friday, who asked, "How do you stand there and present yourself? And I know this going to sound a little crass, but how do you present yourself to people on the public stage..."

Weiner interrupted the teacher by saying, "Madam, it's very clear that you're not supporting me and that you have problems with my background. I understand that."

In INSIDE EDITION's exclusive interview with Sydney Leathers, the woman who triggered the scandal, she told Jim Moret that Weiner fantasized about setting her up in an apartment in Chicago.

Leathers said, "He had this whole fantasy about that being a place where we would have secret rendezvous and, 'How could we keep it from your potential roommate' and that sort of thing."

Moret asked, "So, he looked at your Chicago apartment as a sex den?"

"Yeah," replied Leathers. "I think ideally he would have liked that, but realistically he probably knew that that wasn't going to work out."