Riot Breaks Out At U.S. Open Surfing Competition

The U.S. Open Surfing competition came to a violent end when riots broke out in the streets of Huntington Beach, California. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

A woman screamed as rioting broke out in Huntington Beach, California.

The mayhem started just as the U.S. Open Surfing competition was winding down.

Violence broke out in the quaint beach town as crowds flooded the streets. They tipped over porta potties one after another. Fights broke out in the street, with guys punching each other while they were still wearing their surfer shorts.

Stop signs were pulled out of the ground, and used to smash windows and loot a bicycle store. A tug-of-war broke out when one brave store employee fought to save the bikes. The crowd continued it's spree along Main Street and the Pacific Coast Highway. They even tried to tip over a pickup truck.

Cops in riot gear moved in and fired rubber bullets into the crowd. Tear gas was also used.

Videos of the melee are burning up the internet. Perhaps one guy shooting a video on his cell phone said it best, "I just don't understand the point!"