Creators Behind Smack Cam Discuss Internet Sensation

The guys behind the smack cam phenomenon speak to INSIDE EDITION about how they started the internet sensation.

Talk about "slapstick" humor! However, a lot of people aren't finding it funny.

It's the latest internet phenomenon that's sweeping the nation—you actually go up to people and slap them in the face! It's called "Smack Cam."

INSIDE EDITION’s Paul Boyd spoke with Jerry LaBranche and Max Isidor, the college students from Boston who started this trend.

Boyd asked, "Explain the idea, what you're trying to do here?"

LaBranche said, "You go up and smack someone and record it. You use food, or shaving cream, lotion, just to make it look funny."

Isidor said, "You can ask my cousins and my dad, it doesn't hurt at all."

Ever since they posted their first smack cam just a month ago, there's been a rash of copycat smackers. From kids getting smacked and falling off chairs, grandmothers slapping children, mothers are smacked by babies, and even a woman getting smacked in the face with mud.

Boyd asked, "A lot of people fear this trend is going to go to the point where someone gets seriously hurt."

LaBranche said, "A lot of them are funny, but a lot are getting out of hand."

Sometimes the smacker becomes the smack-ee. In one video, one smacker was all wet after he was pushed into a pool by his victim.

Pretty funny stuff. Let's just hope nobody gets hurt.