Author Sparks Controversy With Teacher-Student Sex Tabboo

Controversy is exploding over a new book about a female teacher having sex with her students. INSIDE EDITION speaks to the author about the book some are calling "the sickest book of the summer."

Author Alissa Nutting has written what Cosmopolitan magazine calls "the sickest book of the summer," titled Tampa.

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"Beautiful women can do very evil things," Nutting told INSIDE EDITION. "A teacher who has a voracious sexual appetite for her 14-year-old male students and pursues them relentlessly. There's a lot of sex."

Sounds familiar? The plot of Tampa is partly inspired by the real-life story of Debra Lafave, the Florida teacher who had sex with a 14-year-old student in 2004. She served three years house arrest because she was considered too pretty for prison.

The author and Lafave were actually high school buddies.

"Seeing someone I knew on the news committing this type of crime made me pay attention to the national phenomenon of female teachers sleeping with their underage male students," said Nutting.

Teachers like Pamela Rogers who was sentenced to seven years in prison in Tennessee for sleeping with a 13-year-old student. She sent her victim a raunchy cell phone video of herself dancing provocatively.

And Sarah Jones, the former Bengals cheerleader and teacher who even appeared in court hand-in-hand with the former student she had seduced.

"What we tend do is turn them into celebrities rather than turning them into criminals," said Nutting.

The explicit sex in Tampa is being compared with the sexy blockbuster Fifty Shades of Grey. But Fifty Shades is about consenting adults. In Tampa, a child is being victimized.   

"I wanted to make it completely extreme," said Nutting.

It has been banned by some stores. And that cover, which mimics a blackboard and chalk, replaced one so graphic we can't even show it to you.

But she admits she hopes two people never read her book.

"I absolutely forbade my very sweet, conservative Catholic parents from reading this book. I told them it would only traumatize them."