Sexual Harassment Claims Pile Up Against San Diego Mayor

INSIDE EDITION speaks to one of several women coming forward with sexual harassment claims against San Diego Mayor Bob Filner.

Michelle Tyler is the latest in the parade of at least 13 women accusing San Diego Mayor Bob Filner of sexual harassment.

Tyler is a nurse who went to Filner, then a congressman seeking help for injured Iraq war vet. Tyler says the man being dubbed "Frisky Filner" would help only if she dated him.

Tyler said in a press conference, "I felt that his rubbing my arm and telling me to relax and making me feel that help was contingent on my going out with him, was extremely inappropriate and unacceptable."

Tyler's attorney, Gloria Allred, is demanding Filner post a sign outside his office.
Allred read what was on the sign: "It says, 'Danger! Warning to women. Mayor is in his office. Proceed at your own risk.' "

Another woman has come forward with a creepy voicemail Filner left on her phone that said: "Hi. It's your newly favorite Congressman Bob Filner. Um, you know the one who fell in love with you at your last speech."

And you'll be shocked when you hear what a Marilyn Monroe impersonator says Filner did to her. Emily Marie Gilbert makes a living impersonating the iconic screen legend.
Gilbert told INSIDE EDITION, "You don't expect someone in public office to grab your behind."

She says Filner's cringeworthy behavior happened at, get this, a fundraiser for sexually abused women.

"He says, 'Marilyn you're looking good today,' and then he slides his fingers, his Filner fingers down to my backside and grabbed my derriere.

Gilbert's husband, Jason, a retired Marine sergeant was there and says he's glad his wife didn't tell him until the mayor was out of sight.    
"She told me after the event, which was probably the wise thing to do," said Jason.

Filner admitted to his bad behavior in this news conference, saying, "I will be entering a behavior counseling clinic to undergo two weeks of intensive therapy to begin the process of addressing my behavior."

But that's not enough for Emily Gilbert and the other alleged victims. They want Filner to resign.

Gilbert said, "I felt that he was a sleazeball and was disappointed that he was our mayor."