Inside Beyoncé's New Do

INSIDE EDITION is showing you how to get Beyoncé's new pixie haircut that is getting mixed reviews.

Beyoncé's new do is getting mixed reviews.

“I actually really like Beyonce's new hair cut. Shows how naturally pretty she is,” tweeted one fan.  

“Beyoncé looks bad with her pixie cut. Sorry only Miley can pull it off and look hot,” tweeted another.

Comedian Jimmy Fallon couldn't resist jumping into the fray. He joked, “Her fans seem to be divided over it. Some say it's weird and unflattering, while others have lives. It's a haircut, it's a haircut.”  

Now, we're revealing how you can get the look.

We went to A-K-S Salon in New York City where student Orianna Viamont wanted to ditch her long locks for a haircut just like Beyoncé's.

Watch Orianna's Transformation

Viamont said, “I am very excited, however, I’m very nervous because i have never cut my hair so short before.”  

Stylist Nikki Ray started by blow-drying Viamont’s hair. She gave her a side part just like Beyoncé, and then the long mane is chopped off.  

Viamont said, “I feel like a rock star.”  

A colorist applied a honey blond hue to the tips. Ray used a narrow flat iron to straighten and curl the wavy hair.

Viamont shed tears of joy when she sees the finished look. She said, “It's different and I love it. I really do.”

A hairstyle fit for Queen Bee!