San Diego Kidnapper Echoes Father's Crime

In a strange twist, Hannah Anderson' kidnapper echoed similar details to a kidnapping his father committed 15 years ago. INSIDE EDITION explores the similarities.

There's a strange twist to the kidnapping ordeal that riveted the nation over the weekend.

INSIDE EDITION is learning that accused kidnapper 40-year-old James DiMaggio Jr. had a father who committed a similar crime 24 years ago.

DiMaggio Jr. took 16-year-old Hannah Anderson after allegedly killing her mother and eight-year-old brother and then torching his house outside San Diego. He went on the run with the teenage girl he was infatuated with until he was tracked down in the Idaho wilderness and shot to death by FBI agents in the rescue operation.
It's now been revealed that DiMaggio’s father also held a 16-year-old girl at gunpoint in 1989. Like his son, he too was obsessed with the teenager. She was the daughter of his ex-girlfriend. Fortunately, she was able to escape after he broke into her house near San Diego and held her hostage with a shotgun.

And there's yet another bizarre link between the father and son. DiMaggio Jr. was shot to death on Saturday August 10. It was exactly 15 years to the day after his father committed suicide on August 10, 1998.