Did Lindsay Lohan Lie in Court?

When the judge ordered Lindsay Lohan to wear an alcohol detection device, Lohan claimed she was filming a movie in Texas and the device would interfere with her work.  INSIDE EDITION has learned Lindsay has no shoots planned in Texas.

Was Lindsay Lohan telling the whole truth and nothing but the truth in court?

The troubled starlet's lawyer repeatedly told the judge that Lindsay is filming a movie in Texas and asked that her random drug testing be done there.

Her lawyer said, "She's continuing to film a movie in Texas.  The movie that she has to shoot scenes for is in Texas.  I'm sure that there is drug testing at reputable labs in Texas."

But, as it turns out, Lindsay has no shoots planned in Texas!  

A producer for the movie Machete told INSIDE EDITION that Lindsay has completed filming and there is no need for the fallen star to travel to the lone star state.

Meantime, Lindsay's court room clothing is making headlines.  The cover of the New York Post blares "Lohan plays court chester," a reference to that provocative low cut white blouse. Lindsay left court with her least favorite new accessory, an alcohol monitoring ankle bracelet. 

INSIDE EDITION tested out the scram device like the one Lindsay is required to wear. Typically, one or two drinks within an hour will be detected by the system's alarm.

Lindsay's estranged dad Michael Lohan spoke out on The Early Show and said he's worried that the ankle bracelet isn't doing enough because it doesn't monitor prescription drug use.

The Early Show asked if Michael Lohan believed presription drugs were killing his daughter.  Michael said, "I think it's eating her up on an emotional level and on a physical level and I don't think she'll ever be herself until she's off prescription drugs."