Arsenio Hall Eagerly Returns To Late Night

Arsenio Hall shares his excitement and insight into his return to late night TV with INSIDE EDITION.

Arsenio Hall is back and looking to make history all over again as the latest combatant in the late night TV wars.

The iconic Arsenio Hall Show ran for five years. Who could forget when then presidential candidate, Bill Clinton played the saxophone on his show.

Hall told INSIDE EDITOIN, "The moment with Bill Clinton, I didn't know that would follow me forever.  That was just the interview of a governor. Then he becomes president and now it's changed the way people run for the highest office in the land."

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Hall stepped away in 1994 to raise his son, Arsenio, Jr.  

"I love making people laugh. Even more than stand up comedy or all the things I do for a living, I love fatherhood," said Hall.

The landscape of late night television has changed big-time. It's a competitive field packed with many players.

INSIDE EDITION's Les Trent asked, "Why would you want to get back into this craziness?"

"My friends like Jay Leno, he asks me that all the time. He says, 'You see what I'm going through. I'm number one and they want me gone.' I believe that as many people out there that are watching Jay, Jimmy, Jimmy, Chelsea, Conan, I believe if you add up all those viewers, there are still more Americans that don't have a talk show. I'm going to go after them. Why fight for what's on late night's plate and ignore those that aren't eating?"

Hall's season five win on Celebrity Apprentice introduced him to a whole new crop of fans. But, the one question everyone has about the new show, is his iconic dog bark coming back?

"I've got a feeling no matter what I want, it's coming back," said Hall.

Arsenio hits the air September 9th.