Dr. Oz Walks A Mile In Womens Shoes

Dr. Oz dressed in drag to make a point about fashion over function in womens shoes. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

Dr. Oz as you've never seen him before—in drag.

INSIDE EDITION’s Paul Boyd asked, "What did you think when you first saw yourself in the mirror dressed up as a woman?"

Dr. Oz said, “Horror. Abject horror. I thought my legs were ok. I liked my ankles."

The TV doctor dressed up as a woman and went undercover working in a shoe department to try to convince women to choose comfort over fashion.

Watch Dr. Oz Talking About Being Dressed Up As  Woman Here

He said, "I wanted to walk a mile in the shoes of the women I talk to everyday on the show. Having actually walked in those shoes, I can tell you it's uncomfortable. The panty hose pulled the hair on my legs."

Dr. Oz did his best to hide his masculine physique under a boxy red blazer and a skirt, black tights and black pumps. He even painted his nails red to match his jacket.  He also wore a wig with on-trend bangs and soft layers.

Boyd asked, "How long did it take you to go turn into a woman?"

“It was four hours of complete torture. My fingers see, they waxed all the hair off my hand,” he said.

Boyd had to ask what Dr. Oz's wife, Lisa, thought of his new look.

Dr. Oz said, "I heard some conversation early this morning when the pictures first started leaking that she was horrified, and the words 'Glad I’m a man,' that phrase came to bear!"

Boyd said, "No disrespect, but is it safe to say you're not the prettiest woman?"

"As some friends have told me, they're glad I was born a male, because it doesn't work as a female,” said Dr. Oz.

So what was the best part of being a woman?

He said, "The best part was walking down the Manhattan streets getting whistled at by construction workers!”

A shocked Boyd said, "That did not happen!"

Dr. OZ said, "Oh, believe me!"