Littlest Woman Breaks World Record

INSIDE EDITION caught up with the world's smallest women, who stands under three feet tall but has big dreams.

She's the little lady with a big smile and a personality to match. Believe it or not, this young woman is 20 years old.

Standing just two-foot-seven and weighing just 12 pounds, she's in the new Guinness Book of World Records as the world's shortest woman.

Jyoti Amge is from India and suffers from a condition known as Achondroplasia.

Inside Edition's Paul Boyd said, "We're standing next to a scooter here and you're two feet and seven inches tall, and you don't even come up to the seat."

She can't walk great distances, so Boyd took turns with a family friend to help her get around town on her first-ever visit to New York City.

"I love New York," pronounced Jyoti.

The reporter continued, "She was the toast of Times Square."

Jyoti's parents are normal size.

Jyoti's tiny stature has earned her pride of placement in the landmark reference book.

"It's one of our must presitigious records in the current Guinness World Records 2014 book," said a representative from Guinness.

Like many young people, Jyoti has ambitious career plans. She wants to be in Hollywood.

She's proof you don't have to be tall to dream big.