Jimmy Kimmel Hoaxed Twerking Fail Video

Jimmy Kimmel admitted he was behind the viral video of the twerker catching on fire, and said it was all a hoax. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

It was the talk of the nation—a twerking disaster caught-on-tape of a woman falling and catching on fire. News outlets across the country broadcasted it, and yes, so did INSIDE EDITION.

But as it turns out, it was a hoax perpetrated by none other than Jimmy Kimmel!

On his show Monday night, Kimmel introduced the twerking girl who is a professional stunt woman. He showed everyone what really happened after she caught on fire. He came through the door and extinguished the fire.

Kimmel actually posted the video two months ago.

Kimmel said, "I didn't tweet it. We didn't put it on any news websites. We just put it on YouTube and let the magic happen, and it got nine million views in a week."

He even managed to fool his ABC colleagues at The View.  

Armchair detectives on YouTube are now dissecting the video and pointing things out that most of us missed.

One commentator said, "The major tell here that this piece is a production piece, is her pushing off the door to hit her mark perfectly."

Cooper Lawrence, a pop culture expert, told INSIDE EDITION, "He pulled a prank on America and it worked. Now, the thing is, we are going to look at every video and say, 'Not true,' because we have been fooled before."

Remember another internet sensation when an eagle swooped out of the sky and grabbed an infant in its talons? That was a hoax, too.

Another hugely popular video of a pig rescuing a goat at a petting zoo was also fake. It was an elaborate production with scuba divers and an underwater catwalk for the pig to follow.

Jimmy Kimmel went to great lengths to make his video believable. It goes to show, you really have to take everything you see online with a huge grain of salt.