Jason and Candice Mortensen Speak About Post-Surgery Amnesia

Video of Jason Moretensen coming out of anesthesia quickly went viral when he didn't recoginize his wife. Now, the couple are explaining things to INSIDE EDITION.

When a 29-year-old hospital patient woke up from anesthesia after a hernia operation. He didn't recognize his own wife who was standing next to him. And he couldn't believe his luck. Captured on video, Jason said, "Oh my god! I hit the the jackpot."

As he attempted to find the identity of the woman next to him, Jason Mortensen said a number of things to his wife, Candice.

"You could be the prettiest woman I have ever seen," said Jason.

In an interview with IINSIDE EDITION's Diane McInerney Jason said, "I think I was definitely captivated. I was like, 'who is this hot blond?'"

In the video Jason asked his wife to turn around for better view. Jason told INSIDE EDITION that was the typical man in him.

McInerny asked Candice, "Does he usually shower you with so many compliments?"

"I immediately sent the video to my family and said that we should give him this stuff more often," answered Candice.

When our story aired yesterday, about a half million people had viewed the video on YouTube. Twenty-four hours later, the number jumped to five million and counting.

"We're getting calls from Australia, Norway, Belgium, and Iceland and now we are here, and who would have thought it?" revealed Jason.

But there are questions: Did this really happen?  For instance, it turns out he was once an aspiring actor.

"How do you react to the skepticism?" asked McInerney

"All I know is that he gave me a much bigger dose than normal because I had a hard time coming out of it, so maybe that contributed to it." replied Jason reassuring INSIDE EDITION that he did not make it up.

Jason, a businessman, pointed to a specific moment in the video when he asked, "Do we have children?"

His wife responded, "No, not yet."

Jason said he never would have asked that question because the couple has been struggling to have children since they got married six years ago.

"We haven't been able to have children, it's a very tender subject, so I would not have brought that up."

He also said that as a Mormon he doesn't curse. Oh, but he did on tape saying, "Holy (blank)!"

The complements Jason gave his wife, such as, "Whoa! Your teeth are perfect," made her day.

Candice told us, "Its the best thing a wife could want from her husband. He's always sweet and goofy, but this time it was amplified even more."

Jason kept going at it, "Are you a model?"

Jason said he was reluctant to post the video online, but, now, has no regrets.

Jason said "I've been getting emails from people all over the world saying that they gave up on love but that this has renewed their hope."

In the video Jason wondered, "You're my wife?!"

She sure is, Jason. Congratulations!