Bladerunner Teen Tackles High-School Football

While many high school football players are considered heroes by their local supporters, one player is being hailed a true inspiration by the country. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

It was homecoming game, and number seven, Koni Dole, glowed with the pride as he escorted the homecoming queen onto the field.

Believe it or not, this star football player is a blade runner.

He is thought to be the only bladerunner football player at any american high school.

Koni told INSIDE EDITION, "It took a while to get used to. Now, it just feels right when I put that leg on."

17-year-old Koni shattered the bones in his right leg during a football game last year, and doctors had to amputate.

"The doctors told me that there was no chance i'd never play football again," Koni told INSIDE EDITION.

But Koni had other ideas. He stunned the experts when he was walking on an artificial leg just three weeks after surgery.

Now, just nine months after losing his leg, he's back with the Red Devils at Huntley Project High School in Montana.

Just look at him play. You'd never believe he lost a leg.

"That first game back was just an undescribable feeling, just to be back out there with my teammates," Koni said.

As Friday night games are played across the country, we doubt there is anyone on the field with more guts than Koni.