7-Year-Old Gymnast Challenges State Trooper Dad to Pull-Up Challenge

Eden Marshall beat her dad, hands-down.

Seven-year-old Eden Marshall faced off against her father, a North Carolina state trooper, when he stopped by her gymnastics practice.

Her coach pitted daughter against dad to see who could do the most pull-ups.

"Neither one of us will ever turn down a challenge," Brad Marshall told InsideEdition.com. So in full uniform, and with his utility belt strapped around his waist, Marshall grabbed the bar next to Eden.

And she beat him, hands-down.

"As much as I would like to say I let Eden win, she just straight beat me. I tried as much as I could. I had nothing left," he said.

The North Carolina State Highway Patrol posted video of the challenge, noting that Marshall's duty belt "weighed more than his competitor."

Eden was cheered on by her fellow gymnasts, who screamed and jumped up and down. "Eden! Eden! Eden!"

There was a rematch, Marshall said, without him wearing his uniform or heavy belt.

He lost.

"She beat me again and I didn't have all that stuff on," he said.