Late Night Shake Up the Talk of the Golden Globes

The NBC late night shakeup was a hot topic at January 17th's Golden Globe Awards. INSIDE EDITION reports.

The late night debacle was front and center at the Golden Globes, as Conan O'Brien gets closer to a staggering settlement to leave NBC, estimated at $40 million.  

The deal will also reportedly free Conan to return to TV on another network by September.

Conan's wife Liza was all smiles when photographers caught up with her. "He's hanging in there," she told INSIDE EDITION.

"Jay and Conan, whose team are you on?" INSIDE EDITION's Jim Moret asked Steve Carell on the Golden Globes red carpet.

"I don't have a team, I'm just fortunate to show up and be on a show," The Office star said.

And 30 Rock's Tracy Morgan weighed in too: "We don't want to see either one of those guys leave late night television. TV isn't the same without either one of them," he told INSIDE EDITION.