How to Make the Perfect Burger

INSIDE EDITION has the secret to cooking the perfect burger.

Nothing says Memorial Day weekend like a juicy grilled burger. But how do you make it just right?

INSIDE EDITION asked Michael Salmon, a former finalist on the Food Network's The Next Food Network Star, to share the secret to making the perfect burger.

Salmon says, "The key ingredient on the perfect burger is fresh ground beef. Whether it's chuck or sirloin, I prefer an 80/20, that's the meat to fat ratio, that'll keep it nice and juicy and real flavorful."

He says the real key to a juicy burger is how you make the patty.

"Don't pack it too tight...make it about ¾ of an inch thick and about four to five inches in diameter," explains Salmon.

Salmon then uses kosher salt and fresh ground pepper to season his burgers before putting them on the grill.

"Once you put those burgers on the grill do not touch them, let them sit there for three minutes or so," he says.

After a quick flip, your burger is almost done. What you put on it is up to you.