Bikers Swarm on Driver Sparks National Debate

A nationwide debate is heating up over the swarm of bikers who confronted a driver with people debating, who's at fault for the incident? INSIDE EDITION reports.

That terrifying confrontation between a family and dozens of bikers is now sparking a national debate over who's at fault—the bikers or the driver.

HLN anchor Jane Velez Mitchell told INSIDE EDITION, "Some people have wondered, 'Well, he should have stayed there and waited for police to arrive.' While a whole bunch of guys are beating on his car and he's got a baby inside? I don't think so."

Cops have now arrested a biker, saying he started the whole thing by deliberately pulling in front of the luxury Range Rover and bringing traffic to a stop on the busy West Side Highway in New York City.

Cops say the Range Rover's tires were slashed before it pulled away in a panic and ran over one of the bikers.

The injured biker has now been identified as 26-year-old Edwin Mieses, Jr. of Lawrence, Massachusetts. He may not be able to walk again and is in a comatose state at a hospital in Manhattan.

INSIDE EDITION's Paul Boyd spoke to his devastated father, who said, "He's not the best person in the world. I don't want to say that he is. You know, he's my son."

Boyd asked, "Can you understand why so many people look at those bikes surrounding the SUV and say, 'What was this driver supposed to do?' "

"I try to put myself in his shoes. And, if I would have had my wife and little kid, maybe I would have reacted the same way," said Mieses' father.

His wife, Dayana is also speaking out and blames the Range Rover driver. She told reporters, "The driver obviously got scared and thinking he was going to get jumped, because they're profiling hispanics and black people, as always. And ran over my husband."

But most people who have seen the shocking video are coming to the driver's defense, pointing out he had his wife and two-year-old daughter in the Range Rover. 

In a poll on the, 88% of voters said he did the right thing when he zoomed off in the face of terror. Just 12 % said he was in the wrong.

Legal analyst Royal Oakes told INSIDE EDITION, "Techincally, the driver could be charged with a crime. You can't just run people down. But, as a practical matter, what jury in the world is going to convict a guy whose family is under siege."

Imagine being chased down the highway with these guys on your tail.

When the Range Rover came to a stop, one furious biker yanked open the door and the terrified driver took off again.

Two miles later, the Range Rover was overtaken and the bikers hauled him out of the vehicle as his  family watched in horror.

"Motor Psychos" says the New York Post, along with a photo of the driver on his knees after he was savagely beaten.

An Instagram photo shows 33-year-old Alexian Lien, an Ivy League banker, collapsed on the ground.

INSIDE EDITION obtained a picture showing his wife cradling her daughter in the pink bow.

Just who are these guys?

A video taken the same day shows the bikers are doing wheelies on the highway, running red lights, stopping traffic and even zooming down the sidewalk.

Last year, they turned Times Square into their own private playground and brought the Crossroads of the World to a standstill.   

Some of the bikers are members of a group called Hollywood Stuntz, which issued this statement: "Under no circumstances do we condone any type of violence, hate, or any riding that can harm pedestrians or riders. The incident that occurred in Upper Manhattan was very unfortunate and disturbing."